Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day one of cleaning the Lint Trap

Let me start by saying this blog is not my idea. It is my dear sweet Aunt Holly's idea. She is either a) crazy, or b) thinks for some reason people may want to read what i write! We shall see.

I am calling it The Lint Trap. By definition it means this--

Lint:minute shreds or ravelings of yarn; bits of thread
Trap:any of various devices for preventing passage of something often while allowing other matter to proceed
(it goes on to read..."especially :a device for drains or sewers consisting of a bend or partitioned chamber in which the liquid forms a seal to prevent the passage of sewer gas" which i find especially telling about some of my musings!)

Yup, you guessed it--the name came to me while I was doing laundry this morning. On a similar note, if anyone can tell me how to keep my child from peeing as soon as her diaper comes off, please send me an email. So as I was saying, the trap is my brain, and the lint is all the weird stuff that gets clogged up in there, preventing me from doing things that are productive. Welcome to my dumping ground of threads of thoughts, yarns from my daily life, and occasionally sewer gas that is trapped in there and stinking the place up.

So basically i will talk about the lint that gets stuck in my proverbial trap. I say talk instead of write, because i feel like blogs are people talking about things, ideas, etc. and I try to write like I talk. Sadly, when i talk for real there is no delete button and i can't use grammar check. I like reading blogs, though the ones i read are crafty ones. Mostly to get ideas that i will more than likely never actually try and to say things like "i could totally make that" even though i probably won't. So this blog is a little bit of an adventure for me because i don't read other people's blogs about general stuff like how they are feeling or what they want for lunch or how they think about what happened last night on Lost. And since i got pregnant and had a baby, I don't even read the craft ones. Though I can't blame that on the child because our computer got stolen and all the ones i had saved in favorites are now being read by a robber. I hope he is in his crappy apartment learning the secret ingredients to amazing banana bread and how to make gloves out of old sweaters. Jerk. So obviously I am too lazy to go search those blogs back out and I can't seem to figure out favorites on our new Mac anyway. So no blogs for me. Ummm, wait a minute. I just realized I do occasionally read Go Fug Yourself. Those girls are hilarious and I thoroughly enjoy an occasional dose of snarkyness, especially when directed at the beautifulness of those who are famous (hey, if you don't like it, don't put yourself out there in a see-through lace dress with a feathered headpiece and UGGs).
I am also hoping this blog will be an outlet of sorts for me, because I am no longer out there in the workforce, being social and chatting. Because lets face it, that is what I devoted quite a bit of time to (though in a purely professional manner, I promise). Though I do have Alice to talk to and she is a very good listener. In her defense she does not have much choice because she has yet to figure out how to get up from a prone position and walk away. She just sits/lays there (depending on where i have propped her up) and stares at me. Quite a case of stare-itis for this little one, much like her mommy. But she pretends to be interested in how I feel about the ridiculousness of Martha Stewart and her "good things" and she feigns excitement (eye rolling and tooting) over the fact that Sonny just shot the illegitimate son he didn't know he had on General Hospital. Together we laugh that the Baby Whisperer book says she should stay awake for 45 minutes after eating. And she loves it when i sing to her. Or maybe she stops crying as a silent protest to the pain I am causing her emotionally and physically with my warbling. The jury is still out on that one.
So welcome to The Lint Trap that is my brain. I will try to keep it more "yarns and threads" and less "sewer gas" but some days will be better than others.


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