Friday, January 29, 2010

A Thankful Mommy

Today my lint is happy. I have decided it is all about the little things when you have a new baby.
Yesterday I swear Baby smiled at me (remember--she is extremely advanced).
She took good naps that allowed me to get some stuff done. I actually did several loads of laundry, put on mascara, and tried on 4 different cocktail dresses (we have an event this weekend).
We took a walk in the beautiful weather and the stroller and the dog did not conspire to kill me, which was my concern. Initially there were issues. I used the fancy Bob stroller, which Anthony had not shown me in detail how to work, so i had to figure it out by myself. I made the mistake of putting her in the car seat and the car seat in the stroller while still in the corner of the dining room. Trying to get around the table and then through the kitchen and out of the house was like the scene in Austin Powers when he is trying to turn the golf cart around in the hall. So note to self, put baby in seat inside, then attach car seat to stroller outside. Getting out the door was a small victory. The walk was lovely, especially after I remembered that the front wheel needed to be released so it could pivot and take the bumps. While it sounds like I was a hot mess on the walk, once we got it straight the three of us toodled happily around the neighborhood. Ripley taking the lead to protect her baby, Alice snoozing and occasionally doing her patented wink/eye roll that she has perfected, and me bringing up the rear, panting only slightly while navigating the cracks and curbs of Lindley Park. We only strolled for 30 minutes, but that was enough for us considering I was sweating and Ripley was tired of getting bumped in the hind end by the stroller (it sticks out a lot farther in the front than one would think).
I am also amazed and thankful by the outpouring of love, support and gifts that have been showered on us since Miss Alice arrived. We have received cards and gifts in the mail. People have visited and oohed and ahhed over her beauty. But the best, or I should say most helpful part, has been the food. I am not much of a cook and I often daydream about having one of those services that delivers your food everyday. (Not Meals on Wheels, but a fancy one like the rich and famous use in LA). People don't realize how much a meal can mean to a frazzled mommy who can't cook on a good day, much less when she has spent 8 hours dodging squirting poop, changing an angry newborn's outfit 3-4 times, and trying to email the same message for 6 of those hours. So that food is a godsend. If you are ever on the fence about what to take new parents, take them food. Even if it is just a bag of bagels, some cream cheese, and a bag of coffee. It is not about getting a perfect full cooked meal (though that is awesome and always welcome, even once she has turned 18 and gone to college!). It is getting something to help make your life easier because then breakfast, or lunch, or whatever, is one less thing to think about. Also appreciated--things that can go in the freezer. Then you just whip them out to defrost and you have at least one meal, if not leftovers as well.
And this very minute, I am most thankful that her highness let me get a decent night's sleep last night. I will not pretend that we are over the sleep issues, but this is a step in the right direction. It felt luxurious to sleep until 6:45! And for those of you who are familiar with my sleep habits (they are akin to a bear's during hibernation season) I never thought i would say that 5 hours felt amazing and wonderful. So thank you Alice, for making me a happy and refreshed mommy! And thank goodness I am rested, because today your are making up for it and refuse to lay down in your crib. So thank you even more for keeping me on my toes.
Last, I am pleased to have discovered the wonders of the yoga ball. Baby girl loves it when I bounce on it while she is screaming (it stops said screaming) while at the same time strengthening my core. Double thankfulness for double duty.


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