Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sick and Tired

Today my lint is sneezy and stuffed up. Guess there was just not enough going on in my life, having a one month old and all. Now I have a nasty cold. And the real icing on the cake is that because I am pumping I cannot take any medicine because they all dry up breast milk. So here I am in a sea of crumpled Kleenex, flailing in agony. I absolutely hate not being able to breathe. Anytime I have a cold I load up on cold medicine. When the guy at the Target pharmacy told me i must suffer with no medicinal support, I seriously wanted to punch him in the face (sorry, that is the sinus pressure talking). I don't do sick well, especially when my treatment options are limited, so I decided to try some alternative medicine. I purchased a Neti Pot (FYI--they qualify for flex spending) and some Ocean Nasal Spray (vacation in a bottle to squirt up your nose). If you are unfamiliar with the Neti Pot, let me explain. It is a little plastic teapot that comes with packets of a salt solution. The packet gets mixed with lukewarm water in the teapot and then you use gravity to swish the solution around in your sinuses. It is so strange--you pour the solution in one nostril and then it comes out the other. It basically goes against the laws of nature and everything your mother ever told you not to do. We spend our whole childhood keeping water out of our nose in the pool and listening to our moms tell us not to put things up our nose. At first I was doing it wrong and half the solution was running down my throat, but I finally got it all worked out. The whole process is actually quiet enjoyable. Probably not on a regular day when I have a little more going for me, but today it was the highlight of my miserable existence. I highly suggest a Neti pot for anyone with a cold or general sinus issues. I imagine if you are permitted to use it in conjunction with some high powered Tylenol sinus and cold, then you would be back to normal in like 3.2 seconds...goodbye what ails you. As it stands, I will just have to muddle through, Neti Pot in one hand, remote in the other. If you want to see a hilarious demo that includes rockin' background music and a lovely retro bathroom--check out this link. Trust me, it is not as horrible as it looks. I think it was probably discovered by the same guru who came up with ear candle, but much more effective. You can get Neti Pots most anywhere these days. I purchased mine at Walgreens, because Walgreens is my jam and on my list of top 5 places I go most often. But if CVS is your jam, or maybe Rite Aid, they have them too I am sure (though if you are not shopping at Walgreens you are not really living my friend).
Wish me luck. Pray for me that I survive this cold and don't perish from inflamed nostrils and lack of sleep. Not to worry friends, I will press on to blog another day.


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