Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!

I think Valentines Day gets a bad rap. Everyone calls it a manufactored holiday, one that the card comapanies made up just to make money. So what? In Valentine's defense, its fellow holidays Christmas and Halloween are about as commercial as they can get. So why does everyone pick on V-day? I love a holiday that celebrates love. So many people say, "Why do I need a holiday to tell someone i love them?" Simply put--you don't. But isn't it just a little fun to get a Valentine card? Doesn't it make you a little more warm and fuzzy on the inside to have a special person tell you that they think you are pretty special too? I love Valentines day because I think it is nice to take a special day to celebrate love in all its forms. Love for the husband, love for the little lady baby, and love for my extended family and friends. How can I put down a holiday that allows me a chance to remind all the people who are special to me that I love them?
So everyone, please give Cupid a break. No one is out there saying that Butterball has commercialized Thanksgiving, or Hershey's is ruining Halloween. So quit picking on Hallmark you Debbie-Downers. They are just giving us all a chance to tell people that we love them and that they are important. What is wrong with that? Just tell one person happy Valentines Day, I dare you. I bet the smile it puts on their face will have you feeling the love.


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