Monday, March 8, 2010

The Smile

This morning when I went to get the wee one out of her crib she was wide awake. I sleepily put her on her changing table and started taking off her sleep sack. Usually she does not like the process of changing her clothes and fusses a lot. So imagine my surprise when she looked at me and gave me the biggest open mouthed grin followed by a giggle-coo. I stopped dead and just soaked that grin and laugh in. It was the most beautiful smile I had ever seen and it totally made my day. Even though I was sleepy and didn't want to get up when I heard her in her room waking up, seeing that grin made all that grumpiness vamoose.
The instant change that smile had on me got me thinking about how important it is to smile in general. Think about it...isn't it nice to get a smile by someone you pass in the grocery store or when you are out taking a walk?Doesn't that feel better than someone hurrying past you with their head down and shoulders up? I try to be a smiley person, though often I find myself caught up in the business of life, rushing around and being annoyed by humanity in general. However, I am now in possession of a smile inducer. I find when you are traveling with a very cute munchkin even the coolest customers get a goofy grin on their face. Babies cause smiles, wherever you go. Over the weekend we went down to Savannah and on the way stopped at a Cracker Barrel for a break and to feed Miss Alice. We got no further than the hostess station before the ooh's and aah's started. I think our waitress Eunice spread the word amongst the staff that the cutest baby in the world was at table 15, because her cohorts Bonnie, Priscilla, and Cindy all came by to smile and coo at my girl. It was so sweet and I could not help but appreciate all the compliments. When I took her to the bathroom to do a diaper change, it was like we had a waitress magnet on us, because they all came out of the kitchen to bask in her glow as we walked by. How can you not smile when 20 different women smile at you within a span of 50 feet? And that is only one example of the effect babies have on people. It happens everywhere we go. These days I find myself a bit put out if people don't look at little lady baby and smile. How dare that clerk at Walgreen's photo counter look past her? Why did that man at the Teeter not realize he was a mere foot from the most perfect child ever? How can anyone be impervious to that beautiful face and jazzy mohawk? Then I remind myself that maybe they are having a bad day or are extra busy. So I give them a smile instead and hope that it makes their day a little better. I definitely get enough these days to dole a few extras out. At the very least, it will improve my karma a little.
All day I have been trying to make her smile and laugh a little, but she is being stingy with the big smiles. She will give me half smiles and talk a little, but not another one of those big gummy smiles. So I suppose I will wait impatiently passing the time by sharing my own smiles with whoever I can. Even though it may sounds cheesy, try it. Smile at that grumpy old man at the bank, grin at the haggard lady beside you at the stop light. It will lighten your load and who knows what it will do for those people you share it with. It will probably make them feel pretty good too. If that one grin from my number one girl can change my day entirely, then maybe a grin to a stranger can at least improve that five minutes of their day.


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