Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Big Move

I have been absent from the blogosphere of late because we recently moved. Moving is exciting, in a stress-filled, so much to do, lets have a fight in the front yard about how to pack the truck, kind of way. We only moved two-ish blocks from our old house, but two blocks or two states, it's all the same. You still have to put everything you own into boxes, load it into a truck, drive it somewhere, unload the truck, and unpack the boxes. It doesn't sound really complicated--it is a straight forward process. However, there are always things that come up. Like when Anthony went to pick up the truck, there were not any available--despite having made a reservation. All of Alice's toys and blankets got packed so she had to lay on the floor on a towel. I made coffee the second morning of the move only to discover the mugs had all been packed. We realized after we moved our large leather couch that was recently professionally cleaned that the cat had peed on it, yet again. Fortunately most of it we could laugh about (except for the cat pee, that enraged me.) I try to subscribe to the "you won't go crazy if you can laugh" theory which serves me pretty well especally during things like moving.
Anthony's parents and his sister and her family came to help us move and we really could not have done it without them. They are a very organized bunch, so things moved along very nicely. His parents have moved quite a few times, so they are the closest thing to professionals we could afford (translation--free). Moving with family has the possibility of being a disaster, much like a cross-country car trip, or a family therapy retreat. Thank goodness that was not the case for us. We had a basic game plan and started a few days before everyone got there on the breakable stuff that is tedious to pack. Everyone got along and worked hard and we got 90% of our stuff moved in one long weekend. There were very few arguments (mostly between Anthony and me over important things such as where in the new kitchen the spices should go) and very few tears (mostly from the 2 and under crowd). It was actually great family time and we had some laughs along the way. Also booking a hotel room so 6 adults were not sharing a bathroom did not hurt morale either. Owning a one bathroom house taught me an important lesson--the number of bathrooms has a lot to do with the level of stress. The less bathrooms, the higher the stress levels. Hence, paying for an extra bathroom for guests that comes with a bed and free breakfast can only help.
We are well on our way to getting everything settled in the new casa. I love it and cannot wait until we have the deck and master bath addition (please refer to the previosuly mentioned bathroom/stress correlation). There is still a lot to be done and a lot to be bought, but those things will take time and money, respectively. Our good friend Nathan helped Anthony move the last 10% of our junk, which is appreciated because it would have been very Abbot and Costello if it had been me and Anthony doing it. I have a problem that surfaces everytime I move--the silly giggles when something is heavy and I am close to dropping it. The condition worsens the more irritated Anthony gets. So, hats off to Nathan for preventing that debacle. My mom is on her way here as I type to help me with phase two of moving--cleaning the old house for the buyer and finishing the "decorating" of the new house. We may fit in a trip to Ikea and there will definitely be a Target trip or five in the next 8 days. Bonus- she is even going to throw in a little babysitting for free.
While moving is a stress filled endeavor, a little help from others makes it a lot easier. Thank god for friends and family who help do the dirty work. I am looking forward to making our new house our home and having family and friends back to enjoy the fruits of their labor.


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