Sunday, January 30, 2011

The joys of packing tape.

When Alice turned one, my friend Jenn who has a soon to be one year old, asked me if we could still call them our babies. I replied that my parents still call me their baby so it is probably okay. But in all honesty, the Lady Baby is now just the Little Lady. She is not a baby anymore. I have always thought of a year as a long time. However, this last year has flown by. A year ago I was a brand new mom who had this new little person that I had to keep alive. She slept all day and none at night, barfed constantly, and had a crazy mohawk. I still have a little person that I am trying to keep alive with crazy hair, but the barfing has ceased and she is a great little sleeper (most of the time!). However, she has gotten way smarter.

The amount of change that occurs in the first year is seriously mind boggling. Rolling, to crawling, to attempting to walk. Babbling to starting to talk. A baby blob to a real little person with a very big personality. I loved having a newborn, but this stage is so much fun. She is learning so much so fast, it is a wonder that her little head has not blown off. Now instead of having to worry about SIDS and a soft spot, I have to worry about electrical sockets, cords and basically anything that is not nailed down. The child is into everything. I fish foreign objects out of her mouth on almost an hourly basis. Even if I have just vacuumed she manages to find the one leaf or small piece of paper that I missed.  The funniest part is she knows she is being naughty so she run-crawls (that means crawls super fast and frantic) away chewing as fast as she can. It is less than easy to get a very soggy scrap of paper out of a one year old's mouth. Especially when she is determined to not let you near it.  Once she was crawling and could get on her knees, the cable box became her favorite thing to mess with. The worst was when she figured put how to turn it off and on. I don't appreciate my General Hospital disrupted. The plexiglass cover sold at Babies R Us served as more fun, as she would pull it off and bang the floor with it. Good job safety people. Finally we outsmarted her by using packing tape to tape the cover to the cable box. Though she has worked hard at rippling it off, she has yet to be able to figure it out. Instead she bangs on the top of the box and shouts. One point for the parents. Once we thwarted her efforts with the cable box, she moved on to the vents. She pulled out the metal vents and then those were also used to bang on the floor. She enjoys percussion in all its forms. Out came the packing tape again, and the vents are now secured to the floor and unmovable by amazing little baby fingers.  Her highness's latest trick is pulling the "childproof" socket covers out. Seriously. Did they test these with a dexterous one year old? Me thinks not. If they had they would know that they are crap. The kicker is that I have a package of 50, all pointless. Obviously designed by the same childless person who came up with the cable box cover.  As Alice grows and changes, mom and dad have to really stay on our toes. Thank god for packing tape. I feel like by the time she is two, half the stuff in our house will be taped down. I think that I will start giving a value pack of tape as shower gifts.

A part of me misses my tiny baby. She would let me hold her without squirming and she would sleep anywhere. Now after a few minutes she presses out with all four limbs in an attempt to dislodge herself from my arms. Very annoying, but I get it. She wants to explore and crawl around and find paper to eat. However, what she doesn't understand is that no matter how much she tries to break free, I am just not going to let her crawl around Target.  I love that as she gets older she gets more expressive and interactive. Nothing is better than that little smiling face and to hear her laugh when she is playing with her daddy. It cracks me up that she is now copying things. The other day she was pushing her sleeves up (Anthony does this all the time) and she now put her hands on her hips (which is my thing). I am realizing how important it is now for interaction and learning experiences. I now constantly label things and make animal sounds. I certainly hope my house isn't bugged or the people in the white coats will be coming to cart me off very soon. I don't care if I sound crazy though, because she gets it. She is starting to understand what a cow says and where Daddy is. It is exciting to see her grow and change and learn new things.

I am sure in the future there will be at least one more baby in this house (not yet people, don't get excited) and when that happens we will love every minute of infancy again. But for the time being we are busy watching our first born as she grows and changes and becomes her own person. It is so exciting to watch her learn new things by the minute. She is learning to walk, and once she takes off she will officially be leaving babyhood behind and be running head on to being a kid. Anthony and I will have to stay on our toes, otherwise Alice will tear our house down and eat all of our magazines. I suppose if she gets too out of hand, we can always use our packing tape to secure one foot to the ground.


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