Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Worst Blogger in History

I knew this would happen. It has been six shameful months since I last wrote something. You can only imagine how full my lint trap is. It is amazing my head has not caught on fire like those dryers you hear about in college dorms. Life has once again gotten away from me and all of the sudden all this time has passed. What is even worse is that it was one of my New Year's Resolutions to write more often, and it still took me until the 21st to make that happen. I wish I could blame some extenuating circumstances, but really life has just gotten in the way. Not big life stuff, just the little nitty gritty things that are always happening that mash up into a regular busy life. Grocery store, diaper changes, work, feeding the dog, baths, dinners, all blended up with a dash of laziness and you get a busy girl who is unmotivated to write.
Some much has happened since I last wrote. I ran a 10K, Alice was the cutest lamb ever for Halloween, a winter fit for Antarctica has blown in, Christmas came and left us with cookie hangovers, and it is a new year. The lady baby is no longer a baby, which is the the most exciting thing of late. She turned one and has decided teeth and walking are both a necessary part of life and is working on both.
New Years resolutions are not usually my cup of tea. I prefer not to set myself up for failure. It is painful enough not to meet my goals. It is worse to heap on added pressure that if I fail my year will be ruined. Blech. In fact, I am not really a person who is overly concerned about goals. Sometimes they work for me, like a setting a date for a race to motivate to run more. But more often than not goals do nothing but make me feel guilty. I live more by the notion that if I do my best than that is good enough, and things will happen like they are supposed to. I know, I can feel people rolling their eyes, especially my husband. He has all kinds of goals, mostly for doing things like paying off credit cards and for career advancement. I can safely say I never really had career goals. Probably why I have never really had much of a career. My goals tend to be more touchy feely, vaguish notions. Like, be happy. I mean, what better goal? If you are happy than everything else is more than likely pretty good in the rest of your life. I have just wrapped up all those little goals into one big one. I would rather try to achieve happiness than try to eat 6 vegetables a day or read a book a week. I know that eating healthier makes you feel better which leads to feeling happier. When I am reading I am always happy, so why make rules about what and how much? It seems like it takes unnecessary brain power that I should most definitely be using in other areas of my life, like keeping the princess alive and making a grocery list.
I understand that some people function better with goals, I just am not one of them. I prefer to be married to one. Then I get to ride the coattails of his quest for goal fulfillment, and he gets to benefit from my happy go lucky, the world is a lovely place attitude. It works--we smile a lot and the credit cards get paid. I don't think everyone should be like me. If they were, the world would probably be a fairly disorganized place. We need goal oriented people--they are the ones that keep the earth turning neatly on its axis and keep the world economy from collapsing while vacuuming because it is Thursday and reading the collected works of Dickens. All the while we non-goal peeps are smiling and cleaning our houses willy-nilly. Don't get me wrong--I don't think the goal loving set is unhappy. Quite the opposite, I think they are the type who understand their fulfillment by how they are doing in regards to their goals. They are often very happy, and enjoy that they can quantify their happiness in a distinct way. My peeps, we just measure our feelings and give life a thumbs up or down and move on.
I feel like we as a society are focused on goals and it is grounds for shunning to say that you don't think they are necessary for life improvement. I will own my fast and loose ways and continue to shoot for the biggies like health and happiness and hope the rest falls into place. But I will try to keep this one little goal of writing more...


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