Thursday, June 2, 2011

So Long Preschool, See you in the Fall

Today was the last day of preschool. One word sums up my feelings toward this momentous occasion. PANIC. I have to fill up the next three months with entertainment for a toddler. Insert scared face here.

I have savored every precious minute that my child has been in preschool. Those eight hours a week were awesome to do what I needed to do, which was usually work. Added bonus--she was so tired on school days that I would get a three hour nap out of her highness. Now, we are looking at a long stretch of calendar with days and days to be filled with....what? Three of those long summer weeks will be filled with beach trips, and we have several weekend excursions on the books, but that still leaves quite a few days to fill with life enriching activities. A's current favorite activity is walking up and down our front walk and crawling up and down the front porch stairs. While it is better than, say, watching paint dry, there is only so much of this that I can tolerate. I get very bored with this game, especially because it inevitably leads to me having visions of her falling and jacking up her sweet little face on our slate stairs. SO, we are going to need some new favorites around here.

In an effort to save some moolah, we have decided to forgo any organized activities like music or camps. The one exception is that she might do a few weeks of a morning camp while I do some in-office work. But other than that, it is all mommy and Alice, all the time. We will do the normal playing in the house, but a girl has to get out and see the world, and so does her kid. Thank goodness I have friends who also want to get their shawtys out of the house. I am praying for a plethora of play dates so we can both socialize with people other than each other. As cute as she is, Lady Baby's conversation skills are lacking, unless you speak toddlerese fluently. We are also going to bite the bullet and join the children's museum for the summer. The one here in Greensboro has a fun area for the waddling and toddling set to play in. Lots of mats and things to crawl over, under and through. Ride on toys and an outside garden area. Super funs. More importantly, super tiring. We are also going to take advantage of the great parks around and do lots of playing at those. Again, ability to exhaust a 17 month old is a key attribute of any activity.

Notice the running desire for my child to take great naps? Well, nap time for A is work time for me. If she doesn't sleep, I don't work. If I attempt to work while she is awake she thinks I am having secret fun on the computer and she desperately wants to be a part of it.  It is next to impossible to get anything done when she is around. The entire time I am sitting at the table working, she does this thing where she grabs my arm with her little tiny nails and pulls down in the exact same spot repeatedly. After about 346 times, it starts to sting. After 972 times, there is no skin left and I am very angry. In an effort to circumvent that injury and keep my sanity and paycheck, it is imperative Sassy Pants sleeps for minimum 2 hours. I really love 3. Dare to dream for four. It is rare but not total impossible, sort of like hitting the megamillion or seeing Bigfoot.

Besides the panic, I am also tentatively excited to do lots of fun summertime things. Like filling the baby pool in the driveway and splashing away. Eating ice cream in the evening after a long fun day. Watching my little one lumber around the playground, eager to use her new found freedom up on two feet. Picnics in the park with friends. Story time at the library. I am sure there will be many moments when sanity seems to be slipping away, but I will do my best to remember that in a few short years, she won't want to spend sacred summertime hours with her mom. She will be a kid who only wants to hang out with friends. So I will take advantage of now and enjoy it as much as possible. Especially those long, long naps.

The Family Pool


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