Sunday, October 2, 2011

Just be Nice

I like being nice. Is that dorky? Is it nerdy? Is it Pollyanna-ish? Don't care. Am I making you want to barf with my pie-in-the-sky, the-world-is-groovy, everybody-hug-now attitude? Too bad. My happy shiny is here to stay. 

Despite the bad rap it gets, I find people respond to niceness. Down deep, they like it, even if they won't admit it. I also believe that you can get further with being nice, than you ever could with nastiness. Every kid's show teaches little watchers to be nice and to care for others. Elmo never mutters racial slurs at Rosita under his breath. We need to all take our cues from these shows and remember the importance of kindness. I mean, they are called the CareBears for a reason. Because it is cool to care (or at least is was in the 80's). 
Make like a Care Bear, and hug
someone. People love that.
I am not sugary sweet. I have as much snark, maybe more, than other people. But I also believe in doing the best you can for your fellow human being. I think it is sad when people use meanness to get their way instead of niceness (not sure if that is a word, but if not it should be). It really is just as easy to smile and say, "thank you" as it is stomp off with a "harrumph." Not only is it unfortunate for everyone around you, it leaves you feeling like crap. You know the old saying "Smile and the world smiles with you."? It is an old saying for a reason. Because it is true. I have worked with the public and I have seen all kinds. ALL KINDS. Some bad, some good, some unbelievable. The people that I can't understand are the ones who are consistently in bad moods. We all have bad days, but these peeps seem to be having bad decades. Year after year, they come into the office grumpy, angry, dissatisfied, and sure we are trying to screw them. Every time we  see one of these types I  wonder what brought on their nasty. Were their parents awful? Did they grow up thinking it was normal to be disagreeable? Maybe something happened later in life, some major blow that caused them to give up on being nice. The loss of a job, being left at the altar, maybe a series of unfortunate turns that rendered them lonely with only a cat to talk to. Who knows? I hate to think they were born angry and untrusting. Whatever the reason, be it nature or nurture, it makes me sad to see people who have ceased treating their fellow men the way they would like to be treated. I am quite sure if you took a poll of Negative Nancys the world over, they would prefer people being nice to them over a dose of the crap attitude they are dishing out. You should ask one next time you you have a close encounter. Please message me to let me know the reason.

Sometimes, a smile is all a person needs to improve their day . It doesn't hurt to be nice. I promise. You don't have to work harder to be pleasant. I find it takes more energy to be negative. I should know, I am an expert at conserving energy. It is definitely more draining and does nothing to improve your mood. People notice when others are pleasant and they appreciate it. I know first hand, when you are nasty and manipulative and mean, people talk about you. Wouldn't you prefer people to say "she is so nice" rather than "she is so cold/mean/angry/fill-in-the-blank." I certainly would. I have no interest in being a bitch, no matter how cool it is (no pun intended). I am warm and bubbly and nice. I am not frigid or bitter or angry. Therefore I want to project an aura of warm fuzzies with the belief that I will get some back. It is simply good karma, which I take very seriously. 

I want to be an example to my children. I want pleases and thank yous to roll right out of Lady Baby second nature. I want her to see me being nice to people in all different situations, no matter their age, stage, or place in life. Then she will grow up thinking it is normal to be kind. You hold the door for people, you are mannerly and you show appreciation. The emotions you put into the world will return a million-fold, and who doesn't want a million-fold of sunshine hitting them up. If I can teach her those things, then I will raise a young lady to be proud of. I can only hope she will pay it forward and spread the positive vibes. Maybe even hug the angry out of a few people. Lord knows I have tried.

If tiny monkeys can be nice to disgusting
birds than surely we people can be
nice to each other.


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