Friday, December 30, 2011

T's 2011 Best of List

It is that time again. That time of year when we drink too much champagne, stay up too late, and possible end up playing tambourine with the band. That may have happened. Once.
Hubs is on the left, I am on the right. 
This morning in the shower I was thinking (cause that is where all the great thinkers do their greatest thinking) about what an interesting year this has been. My child went from a baby to a toddler and developed a vocabulary, an ability to walk, and a serious attitude. I have made some great friends, rekindled some old friendships, and cut my losses on a few. We have seen some crazy things in the world. Mother Nature reminded us she can be a real biotch when she beat the crap out of Japan. The royal wedding reminded us that down deep we all long to be a princess and/or wear an amazing fascinator. Or in my case, both. Charlie Sheen reminded us that every family has its crazy and we are all a little embarrassed about it. I could go on and on. Every major network is going to do their wrap-up of the year and I feel it would be remiss if I did not give you the Lint Trap's 2011 Best Of. You're welcome in advance.

My Favorite BlogsPoop on a Hot Tin Slide which is one woman's journey through life and motherhood with OCD. It is hilarious. HI-LAR-I-OUS. This girl can use a picture. The other is The Bloggess. This chick is my blogging hero. I love her. Not in a creepy stalker way, but in a MAJOR creepy stalker way. You will laugh your arse off at her every time. I read these aloud to hubs, and he laughs in the right places which lets me know he is actually listening, which doesn't usually happen when I am talking, much less  reading aloud. That means it is super funny. I have a long blog roll and these are the only two I read consistently.

Best Movie: Toughie because I have four favorites. However, it is my blog, so I can declare them all the winners. The King's English (best highbrow cussing scene), The Help (best doodie pie scene), Bridesmaids (funniest crapping in the sink scene), and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (best all around bad-ass girl character. ever.) Looking at the list I realize I cannot weigh in properly as a whole because I never saw Fast and Furious Five or the Footloose remake. Despite that, I feel confident in my decisions. I don't make my recommendation lightly. These are must sees. You can use me as the ubiquitous "they" when trying to convince someone to see one of these gems. "They said it was so amazing it will make you want to slap your mama." (Feel free to ad lib in there.) 

Worst Movie: War Horse. Full disclosure being of the utmost improtance here at the The Lint Trap, I have not technically seen this movie. However, any horse movie is TERRIBLE no matter what it is about. Please direct your attention to Number 3 on this list for further explanation. I will never see this movie. Nor do I want to know what happens. I am sure the horse dies in some epic fashion while the boy/girl/dog/alien that has loved him forever sobs over his lifeless horse body. Skip it people, it will only make you want to lay on the floor and flail. I want to do that just thinking about it. At the very least the horse ends up with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Which you will have if you watch this movie.

Best New Show: We are digging Mike and Molly, New Girl, and Two Broke Girls. Why can I never pick just one? Because I would be doing you a disservice in not sharing my honest, life changing, opinions. They are all laugh-your-face-off funny, and both hubs and I agree on watching all three. That is saying something people. We don't agree on much. If you have been around us for 3.2 minutes, you know this. Just watch them. You will be glad you did. (Unless you are my mom, then you should not watch Two Broke Girls because they make racy jokes that may offend and you will be all, "That's *nose wrinkle* nasty.")
UPDATE: I was rereading this in the light of day and realized Mike and Molly is actually in its second season. I have made the executive decision that I don't care because it is even better this year.

Best Song: I am not a "music person" but I surround myself with music people so they can tell me what is good. I dedicate this award to my dad's favorite song right now...LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem.
Here is how the conversation went...
Dad: "Have you heard the new song by LMFAO?"
Me: "Huh?" (thinking I must have misheard)
Dad: "You know, Party Rock Anthem."
Me: "Huh?"
Dad: "I have it on my Ipod if you want to hear it."
Me: "No, I know what it is. Do you know what their name means?"
Dad: "I googled it *eyebrow waggle*"
Mom: "What does it mean?"
Me: "Laugh My F'ing Ass Off *sheepish grin*"
Mom: "hmmm *nose crinkle* that's not nice"
Then Dad and I were laughing our own asses off...
There are a lot of other awesome new songs out there but it turns out everything that I thought was new is actually from at least 2010 if not earlier, so whatevs. 

Best Book of the Year: I looked at lists for best books of the year and honestly, I have not read any of them. So I am changing the category to Best Book I Read this Year. The tie goes to two triologies, because I like to overcomplicate things. The Millenium Series: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl who Played with Fire, and The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. The second is The Hunger Games Series: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay. Both feature awesome badass ladies who make me want to whoop up on the nearest bad guy.  Both trilogies are amazing in very different ways. Both made me appreciate what I have and think about life. That is about as deep as I get, y'all. Read them. You will understand.

My Favorite Lint Trap Entry: Because I am self centered, self indulgent, and an all around shameless human being, here is my favorite of my own posts. Teetering on the Edge of the Terrible Twos & Sanity. I am so glad I captured this time in my life becuase I am fairly sure I will block it out like a person who lives through being kidnapped. Or a car crash. Or torture. There will be a hole in my memory as if Aliens have wiped it clean so I don't remember being probed. Now it is out there in cyberspace on the Interwebs. Forever.

Y'all have a good time ringing in the New Year. If you don't have plans, you can look to my recommendations for something to fill your night. A little light reading or maybe a dance party. Everyone party like its 1999 (cause that makes everything sound more fun) and eat some grease on Sunday. It will make you feel better.

I will see all of you, my Linty Peeps, in the 1-2. (That is what I am going to call 2012. Get it trending people).


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