Monday, January 16, 2012

Things Southern Mamas Say

I *may* be guilty of a few of these...

Have you seen the new Vera Bradley Diaper Bag?
My daughter is the 6th *insert old family name* in a row.

My son is the 15th *insert old family name with a roman numeral* in a row.

Where is my Vera Bradley bag?

I can't find one of my pearl earrings.

Go get your monogrammed dress. No the other one. No the other one. No the other one. Never mind, just put on your monogrammed shirt.

I can't wait for the *insert fancy baby clothes home show* next week.

"Please what? That's right, please ma'am."

"No what? That's right, no sir."

Do you know where I can find a monogrammed bathing suit?

Come here, Mary Margaret/Mary Elizabeth/Sarah Beth/Mary Beth/Martha Ellen/Anna Charles.

He's just having a little watered down tea in her sippy.

What is your grandmother's name? 
My mom is Gigi/Mimi/Mimaw/Busy/Honey/Nana/Nana Mama/ Granny Buzz. 
His mom goes by Sugar/Sassy/Nanaw/Mamaw/ Grandmama/Mama Jones/Granny Toodles. 

I just found the cheapest monogramming lady.

What are you bringing to the tailgate? I am bringing the ham biscuits and deviled eggs.

Isn't that cute? I got it at a yard sale.

Daddy is hunting this weekend.

Daddy is playing golf this weekend. 

Daddy is fishing this weekend.

We gotta get ready for church.

Please eat your grits.

Where did you find those matching smocked dresses and jon-jons  for Easter/Christmas/Valentines/Fourth of July/Columbus Day? They are so cute. Can you get them monogrammed?

His Grandaddy gave him a shotgun for his 3rd birthday.

I love the new church cookbook. It has awesome casseroles.

I only smoke when I am drinking.

Please go tee-tee.

Mama loves you.
We are going to do the monogram right here in lime green.


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