Friday, January 27, 2012

We Heart Books

There are many things on this earth that I love. I love cake. I love llamas. I love coffee. I love naps. And I love reading. Love love love reading. I like bookstores. I like libraries. I like bookshelves. I like the aisles of stores that have the books. I like fancy houses that have whole rooms of books (I guess they call those libraries as well, but in a very posh accent). Seriously. I. Love. Books. I had to stop working in the Starbucks at Barnes & Noble because I would find myself staring at the peeps working there, day dreaming that I worked there. Of course, in said daydream all I ever had to do was shelve books and I am sure they have to do other things. Like dust books. And help people. Blerg. I just want to push a cart around and organize the books and pretend the are mine. ALL MINE *evil genius laugh*...

This is what my houue would look like
if I was a hoarder.
Or if I wasn't married to the hubs.
Anyhoodie...Lady Baby has inherited many things from her Dada. She likes to organize (I like the idea of being organized. I like to buy things to help you organize, like drawer dividers and baskets.) She has strong opinions. About everything. (I of course have no opinions about anything. Ever.) Her first answer to everything is "no." (I am all, "that is a great idea" to everything I hear.) She likes to boss me around. (I don't like to be bossed around nor am I bossy. Ever.) She also inherited his toes and his cowlick. But from me, from her mommy, she seems to have inherited my love of books and reading. (She also has my eyes and my fingers and the ability to believe she is the funniest person around.) Like her Mama, she hearts the books. 

Nothing makes my heart sing like her bringing over an armful of books saying, "read stories, mama." Every night she stalls bedtime by begging for books. And I let her get away with it because I love that she wants me to read to her. For the past few weeks, when she wakes up in the morning and again after nap, she sits in her bed and looks at her books. It is hilarious listening to her "read" and it shows me that she is really absorbing what she is hearing. She understands that the words are the story because she points to the words like she is really reading them. She turns the book out like I do when I read to her, to show the pictures. If she is going to copy me doing something, I am glad it is reading. There are much worse things. 

I want my girl to love books. I want them to be a way for her to escape the daily grind of life, and delve into other worlds. I want her to find out what kind of books she enjoys and the authors she likes. I hope that books can be something she can depend on throughout life, like friends who will continually entertain her. They can give her hope when she has none, happiness when she is sad, and guidance in the most surprising of ways. Books have often done that for me, and I want her to find the same solace in them. When she learns to read I will be as proud as I was for her first steps and first words.

For now I am happy to enjoy her books with her. I love snuggling on the couch with a big stack and listening to her tell me what she sees and what she thinks. It is a wonderful way to get a glimpse in her toddler brain that is running a mile a minute. It also shows me what she is preoccupied with. Right now it is trucks, a few weeks ago it was planes, over Christmas it was Santa. When I let her pick her own books I can find out what she wants to talk about or what she thinks is cool. It also shows me what she has absorbed from daily life outside of our house. All of the sudden I found out she knows about pirate ships and that she count to 15. Neither of which she learned from me. 

Enjoy books with your kids. Help them learn to love books and what they can do. Not only will they help you learn more about your child, it will give you a special time with them that is quiet and snuggly and just for you. Doesn't get much better than that.


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