Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We have a had some drama over here at the world wide headquarters of The Lint Trap. Our cat is sick. Sweet Gypsy, my first baby, is unwell. She has...dum dum dum...die-a-beat-us. In the last two months the poor thing has lost half her body weight and went from being the Adele of cats to being the Amy Winehouse of cats. I was going to let her ride out her golden years and go quietly into the night, but then my guilt got the best of me. Four days and $450 later, the cat has to be on special food and get insulin injections twice a day. Upon hearing this, hubs was interested in alternatives. Unfortunately, there are no alternatives except that farm in the sky. Shots and fancy food it is. I am happy I could bring to light a serious problem for cat owners. It is real and effecting cats throughout our nation. I am thinking of organizing  Toodle for the Catbetus Cure. It will be awesome. I am sure I can get Betty White, Sarah McLaughlin and Bill Barker on board. Until then, please support the cause by purchasing your wrist bands at this informative website: Feline Diabetes

We are turning into a regular assisted living for animals over here. Last year the dog tore her ACL two weeks after she was diagnosed with Nephritis, which is a fancy word for bo-bo kidneys. So she gets four pills in the morning and three at night. Not to mention that she has chronic anxiety and is an all around nervous wreck. I am going to start making the animals stand in line for their little white cups. The only pet that is healthy is our cat that is mean and hateful and very possibly the spawn of Satan. We are pretty sure she is too angry to die, which hub hates because we also think she is the angry peer mentioned here. I think Lucifer was happy I took her and he is no hurry to get his black leather furniture messed up. Therefore she has been sentenced to roam the earth, peeing on couches for eternity.

Hopefully Gypsy will turn the corner and get back to her happy obese self, but it is hard to imagine that will happen. I think I need to face the facts that she is living out her last months, if not days. If the disease doesn't take her, the anxiety of constant vet visits probably will. She has reactionary peeing when being thrust into the carrier and cat-screams the whole way to and fro. Until the time that she strolls into the light, I will keep giving her injections and food that is apparently made from organic mice ears and grain fed gold fish. This is the hard part about having pets. We take them for granted and then they up and get the 'beetees and that is that. 

A visual so you don't get confused:

Diabetes cat


Devil Cat


Bo-Bo kidney dog
(for those that don't know, which seems to be everyone but me and George Lopez,  he a kidney transplant.)


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