Monday, April 16, 2012

Triad Mom's on Main

Today the ladies over at Triad Mom's on Main are running one of my posts. I am super excited and can hardly believe it! It's my first guest spot of this type and I would love y'all to check it out. You may have read the post before, but go read it again. Just for giggles. You won't be sorry. I read it again and cracked myself up. Not that that is hard. Anyhoo, scoot over there by clicking here and read it then make a comment about how amazeballs this new blogger is. Maybe mention that you would love to see more. Or that she is the next Blogess. Whatevs. Use your imagination, just make me look good, Lint Nation. I am counting on you.

Another link, just in case you missed the first two: TRIAD MOM'S ON MAIN

Now go, click like the wind and make me proud.



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