Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Teaching Love

I debated about whether to write about the Amendment 1 elections. I understand that y'all don't come here to read my views on politics.  I write mostly about parenting.  However, this has turned into a parenting issue. This morning I realized something very important. One of my most significant jobs as a parent is to teach my daughter love and tolerance. I have watched the politics of this amendment play out in the news, over dinner tables, and on Facebook. I have seen angry words flying around and lots of negativity on both sides. I am guilty of anger towards the other side myself. But I feel like I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to use my voice for what I believe is a basic truth: love, above all else, is the most important thing. This is has nothing to do with my religion, my background, my race or my gender. It has everything to do with me being a human being who wants the best for other human beings.

While I cannot understand why anyone would vote for the amendment, there is nothing we can do at this point but move forward and work to bring change. I recently read that lawmakers believe that the outcome of the election will be reversed in the next twenty years because this was a "generational" election. Therefore, the older the voter, the more likely they were to vote for the Amendment. I certainly hope that is true. I would like to believe that most people my age, no matter what their politics are, understood the ramifications of the amendment and its far reaching implications. Therefore, it is likely that the children of today will be the ones to change this law. By instilling the need for love and tolerance in my child, I am working to make the world a better place for all people. I will continue to show her that it is never okay to discriminate against others and that we are all the same down deep. We are all people who need love, support, and understanding. My hope for my children's generation is that they understand how important it is to lift others up instead of tearing them down. It is important to come together to change things instead of drawing lines and never budging. I hope she grows up understanding that no matter who she chooses to love, I will always love her. I hope I don't have to watch one of my children or grandchildren suffer because of what voters yesterday decided. I hope that I get to see my child's generation take over the world and make it a better and more loving place to live. I hope I get to see her going out and using love to change the world. I hope this amendment is reversed before she grows up so that she doesn't have to worry about choosing between love and healthcare. 

I am proud to have voted with my head and my heart. I am happy that I can look future generations in the face and tell them I stood up for what is right. When my grandchildren want to hear what life was like in the old days, I hope they cannot fathom that America was ever so backwards and old fashioned. I hope they cannot imagine a world where this type of thing could happen. I hope they are proud that I stood up for love and tolerance just the way I have taught them to do. 


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