Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ooops..Sunday, Sunday, SUUUNNDDAAYY

Try not to be shocked, but one week in and I forgot to do the weekly Lint Trap wrap up. I am sure you were all so disappointed when you came to the blog to read my wise words and there were none. My bad. So here we are on Sunday. Commence the wrap up.

Here at the manor we have spent the last two weeks redoing Her Highness's sleeping chamber. Several coats of paint, a few different colors, a lot of sweat and some, ahem, disagreements, and it is 99% finished and beautiful. Bonus: we are still married. Go us. Per usual, we had a mad race at the end because I had 15 ladies coming for a baby shower on sat at 11am, so we finished the room at midnight on Friday. Cause that's how we roll.

And now, I shall photo bomb you.

This is what your house looks like right before your marriage almost spontaneously combusts due to chaos in the home. Never fear, we got it all put back. Poor Lady Baby was forced to sleep in her pack in play for over a week crammed in the guest room with all her stuff. Now if she doesn't want to go to bed, we threaten with a night in pack n' play. Totally mean and totally effective. She lays right down with nary a peep. Its a bit like threatening the rack to someone in the 1300's. They become very agreeable.

This started as a Mommy project. I was all, "no sweat, I will have this painted in a week. Check me out." I did the first two coats of primer on the brown built-ins and that took three days and after that Daddy took over. I like to think I outsourced to a very organized and efficient subcontractor. Never fear, I maintained all creative control.

This is just funny because she a.) was super pumped to help Dada sweep proving once again that she has a lot of his DNA and b.) she put her own nightgown on and refused to let me turn it around. 


The finished product. The back of the shelves are raspberry, not red, and the walls are icy lime sherbet. Nothing is hung on the walls yet, which is killing me, but we at least got the bed up and the shelves relatively put together. I still have two more tubs of stuff to go through and stick up there. ETA on that: the year 2015.

And this is what you look like right before you loose your schmidt and your head blows off because you are so excited about your new big girl room. 

And that is how we spent the last week. 


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