Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Sacred Milestone for the Child

Yesterday something exciting happened. A milestone was hit. An exciting and sacred milestone. Something I have been waiting for two years and eight months to do. Yesterday Lady Baby went to her first movie. For those of you that know me outside of your computer, you know I love love love going to the movies. I try to go 2-3 times a month. Hubs knows the quickest way out of the doghouse is via the movies. Now the rest of you know too. Moving on, back to the milestone. It was rainy and overcast and the humidity was hovering somewhere around wet wash cloth. I knew the pool was a no go. What to do, what to do? I knew we had to get out of the house or else I would suffer the wrath of a bored two year old trying to tear my house apart. Lesson learned yesterday morning. I decided it was time to try something that I have not dared to attempt. A full length movie at the theatre. Like the kind that people who can sit quietly and not wet their pants go to. I checked the interwebs and The Smurfs was playing at 10am for $1 a ticket. Seriously, nothing costs a dollar anymore. That is just crazy talk. I figured it we didn't last, no biggie, its just a dollar.

I was downright giddy all morning, talking up the movie. We were going to sit like big girls and eat popcorn and it is going to be awesome. I had Her Majesty so geeked up about popcorn it was slightly criminal. Thank the lord theater popcorn is so tasty. It wasn't like I was lying.  Cue the tuesday $2 small popcorn and we were in business. 

Popcorn? Check.
Blankie? Check.
Chapstick? Check.
Lets do this.
We get there, we get our popcorn, we walk in to the theater. Her little face looked at the screen with awe and reverence and she said, "whoa. That's a big TV." I went equipped with paci, blankie, and a bottle of water. She went equipped with her chapstick and a burning desire to eat a lot of popcorn. The lights went down and she immediately yelled, "I can't see you mama. I can't see." We held hands for a few minutes and she relaxed. It was more action than my first date. I have rarely seen the child so still. For about 45 minutes she sat and watched and soaked it all in. And shoveled it all in. Then she got antsy and squirmy, not really surprising since Neil Patrick Harris was phoning this one in.  After a few different positions, she crawled into my lap. With about 20 minutes left to go, she enjoyed a rousing game of put the arm rest up and down, then she stood in her chair to say hello to the people behind us. As soon as she said "Hi," the chair folded up and she was up to her things in chair crack. Fortunately, with my ninja cat reflexes,  I pulled her out with minimal damage. She may have PTSD  in her teen years that a chair tried to eat her. TBD. We didn't have to leave once, she whispered talked in less than a yell, it only cost $4. I got to share one of my favorite things with my favorite little girl. I have been waiting since this child was born to share the cinema with her. I often hype things in my head. The first b-day smash cake--serious disappointment. The first trip to the zoo--I was way more excited than she was. But the movies, the movies was different. She loved it. And I loved watching her love it. Awesome mother daughter morning.

Unfortunately, as soon as we got home, she stood beside her potty and peed on the floor. Then she proceeded to tap dance in the puddle. And there we were, back in real life. Thank goodness I still have the memories...


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