Friday, August 3, 2012

It's Friday, BOYEEEEEE

Friday wrap up is here! Its been a crazy week at the Manor. Who am I kidding, every week at the Manor is crazy. Shew.  

1. We survived Floydfest last week. My eyeballs have healed from the stare-itis. I only have one pile of laundry left and camping stuff in the back of my car to be returned, and two bags to be unpacks. Oops, I just saw one on my dining room table. Make that three to unpack. But other than that, fully recovered.

2. Funny phrases out of Lady Baby's mouth:
    Peter Pants--you probably know him as Peter Pan.
    It's a dance mover--or, as we say it in America, a dance move.
    Come on BOOOYYYEEEEE--pronounced like Flavor Flav.

3.  We had a awesome photo shoot for the sprucing of the blog in the future. I cannot wait until I get to share the pictures. The two I have seen have me all geeked up for more. And my girl Amanda Caldwell is adept at photoshop. That can only help the double chin situation.

4. Yesterday I ran out of whole milk. Her Highness much prefers whole milk. Heated of course. So like a ninja, I mixed skim and half and half. Crisis averted. It must have been okay, she drank 3/4's of it.

5. Potty training is moving right along in grand fashion. We have graduated from flooding several multi-packs of panties a day to only a few little accidents sporadically. We have also moved from Lady Baby being blase when she pees up couch/floor/undies/dress to bawling uncontrollably when she barely has an accident. Finally she gets that it is NOT cool to pee in your pants. 

6. I finally joined Pinterest. That actually didn't happen this week but I am really hitting my stride. Which is within 12 minutes I can pin 7,326 pins of cats, DIY gifts, vacation spots, yummy stuff I may never fix, and hot dudes. I. heart. Pinterest. I cannot believe I stayed away for so long. All of you who said I was missing out and I would totally love it? You were so right. Follow me here.

7. Its august. AUGUST. How the heck did that happen so fast? I am already thinking about school and more time for work and the structure that Fall brings. I am already missing the pool and eating popsicles outside in the evening and not worrying over bedtimes. And then I am back to thinking about school starting and that makes up for it. Two whole mornings of just me. Every week. Bring. It.


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