Monday, August 13, 2012

They Looked at My Soul and Came Up with This

Even the logo is exactly what I would have picked.
So there is this new website called Pinterest. It is all the rage and...I'm sorry, what's that? It's not really "new"? Hang on, are you getting attitude? Watch I was saying before certain people interrupted me with their I-know-everything-about-the-interwebs-sass talk, this thing Pinterest is ah-maz-ing. It came about one day when a group of people, we will call them tech-geeks for ease of understanding, were sitting around in a meeting. They were pondering exactly what Thea of The Lint Trap (I am more famous than some realize) would want. One said a DIY website that made it really easy to flip through projects without even reading what you had to do. Another said a page that shows only pictures of really hot guys that she is crushing on. A third wise tech-geek mentioned she would like easy recipes with pictures of the food since she is easily confused and needs visual aids when cooking. The fourth, who was the only girl in the room so of course the very wisest geek of them all, sat very quietly through all the other suggestions. Then she stood up on her chair, spread her arms out wide, and shouted "we shall combine all of your not so impressive ideas into my one amazing idea of a virtual bulletin board and call it Tack-or-Rama." Of course the name was voted down, but this is how Pinterest came along. They looked into my very soul and saw a person who really only cares about looking at the pictures in magazines, loves ideas but often lacks follow through, and needs lots of inspiration when it comes to kitchen shenanigans. Also, they knew my system for filing ideas/recipes/pictures/thoughts/inspirations was to either a) tear the pic out and then promptly lose it or b) keep the whole magazine until we got tired of the stack and threw them all away. Neither is very efficient. 

If you have not ventured into the land of the Pinning you are seriously missing out. It. Is. Awesome. I resisted for awhile, concerned it would eat up way to much of my time. I had friends warn me that I would lose hours looking at it. Yes and yes. Not to mention I am now overflowing with inspiration and my husband is a little concerned that I am going to attempt to make all of our Christmas prezzies this year (which I so am ) and spend money on projects that I may never finish (fair assumption given my track record). 

Y'all come along and follow me. I spend an obscene amount of time pinning a variety of things which I am sure you will all love (I have amazing taste and a keen eye. Obvs.) Join me and waste hours of your life pinning things that you may or may not do.  In my opinion, the world would be a better place if we all knew how to make an upholstered stool out of a beat up coffee table, the recipe for adult beverage capri suns, and how to make a succulent wreathe. I will venture so far as to say it could bring about world peace. Obama repinning Hu Jintao's recipe for homemade sugar scrub or liking Hamid Karzai's witches hats made out of hershey kisses and fudge stripe cookies pin?  That schmidt will bond you in ways peace talks never could. You are welcome, humanity.

Come join me. Let's look at each other's outfit ideas. Let's all pin no bake oatmeal cookie balls. It will be awesome and not at all feel like we are wasting our lives away on the computer. This more like life-research. Follow my virtual bulletin board of things that I may or may not ever make, cook, wear, or marry. Lets all put our psyches on display. It will be awesome.


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