Friday, September 14, 2012

Birthday Extravaganza Revealed

Sorry I have been MIA this week...I was busy. Preparing a birthday extravaganza meal for my one true love. Ok, ok. That only took Tuesday. BUT. In my defense, Monday was spent shopping and mentally preparing. Tuesday was spent cooking/eating/celebrating, Wednesday and yesterday were spent recovering and catching up on everything not done on Monday or Tuesday.  The poor birthday boy didn't even have clean under-roos. Oops.
The under roos have since been cleaned.
So here is how it went down. He asked for Mommy's Chicken Tetrazzini (his mommy, not me or mine). Due to my recent Pinterest addiction, I thought, "hey, why not add some fun new recipes to the b-day menu?" So I also made White Pizza Dip (life changer on every level) and instead of cake I did cupcake thingys that are chocolate chip cookie dough with brownie on top then a reese cup in the middle. Henceforth these shall be called Magical Deliciousness. So I had a lot of food to make and only one day to make it in. This is the kind of day that reminds me why I have Her Highness in preschool. Schmidt's gotta get done, yo. So I spent preschool hours in the kitchen and then nap hours in the kitchen. This left very little time to parent my child and shower. Thank goodness I did a great job making sure she devoted many long minutes to making DaDa a card and I was able to squeeze in a quick warsh. 
Socks pulled up-check. Pen and sticker-check.  Two chaptsticks-check.

When I cook, it is serious business. It takes all my focus. All my attention. Every fiber of my being. It also takes most of the pots, pans, bowls, spoons, and dishes that I own. It is not easy and it is so not neat. I am a tornado in the kitchen. A twister. If you are in the near vicinity please take your belt off, grab Bill Paxton, and attach yourself to the nearest plumbing, because it's going to get crazy. 

The good news is, I am really good at getting a lot in the dishwasher, and I am one of those people that other people hate because I wash everything in the dishwasher. Because it is a *dish*washer and they are *dishes.* And I can replace them someday when they are worn out after 20 years of being washed in the dishwasher, but I can never get my precious time back. And I can't be wasting my time. Fall TV is about to start again. Priorities. 

This is only a small fraction of that which was dirty.
Bam. Don't hate. See that knife in there? That's one of my good knives.

Moving on...The dip, oh the dip. Amazing does not even cover it. Please, please make this. For your next party, or your next seance, or your next night alone watching a movie in your stretchiest elastic waist pants. Do not however make this dip if we are going to be at the same party, seance, or pj  movie night (or anywhere else) because I will be making this. And then you will look like an ass. (I will make sure everyone knows it is my recipe that you stole.) If you want to get the recipe click here: so good I almost cried. Once you click it there is no going back because you will be forever changed. So make sure you emotionally prepared to eat that much cheese, possibly alone.
Get it.
The tetrazzini is yum and not hard, just labor intensive. You have to make your own white sauce for pete's sake. And while I think it is stating the obvious to say that I am no Giada (mostly because she is an alien what with the head and slanty eyes) it is totally worth it because it is so so good. And I have been told that mine is as good as the mother-in-law's. SQUUUEEEEE. This is a huge compliment since hub's loves his mama's cooking.
                         See what I mean? Y'all see it. And she is so not eating what she
                                                  is cooking. Only an alien could do that.
                                        Or maybe I am just jealous because hubs thinks she
                                                   so hot. I think probably a little of both.

The Magical Delicousness cupcake thing-a-ma-bobs. What to say, except, Oh Ma Ga. These are pretty easy because you use a pre-made tube of cookie dough, a box of brownie mix, and reese cups. The hardest part is unwrapping the candy. *yawn* But the rest is quick quick and if you put a scoop of vanilla ice cream with them then your tastebuds will do this: 

Unfortunately when four adults eat an entire crock of pizza dip, then tetrazzini, chased with the magical deliciousness with vanilla ice cream, along with beer and wine, there is not much else to be done but lie on the couch and cry.

They were, however, tears of joy. 

The good news is I have fully recovered. The bad news is I may never cook again. But that may actually be good news. Also, I love my birthday way more than hubs loves his. Therefore, I set the bar high with so much wonderfulness which should ensure that I get the proper attention and dedication to my special month day. Strategery or evil geniusness? You be the judge. I think we all know what I think. *evil laugh here*


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