Saturday, September 22, 2012

Death by Insane Schedule

Remember how I used to have a blog? Yeah, me too.

Good morning...I am still here. I am still alive. Despite repeated attempts for my two year old to kill me. Things are crazy since school started back. Why is it that we always think the next phase of life is going to be calmer? Or maybe that is just something Hubs and I do. We are constantly saying things like..."things should be a little calmer in the fall."  Or, " I can't wait for Winter. I think our schedule will be a little easier." And then the next season comes and it is WHAM. Every weekend busy. Endless shenanigans. I am exhausted and keeping waiting for things to calm down. And they never do. Ever. Ever. It is a beast of our own making, but we can't stop. At least once a week, we say things like, "we are doing too much. We need not pack in so many things every day, especially on the weekends." And then there is the weekend and we are balls to the wall and all over the place, and we are all, "damn, we did it again. We are too much fun." 
I can't believe the made a statue to look just like me. Finally.
I need to give it up and just embrace the fact that we are all over the place and our life will not calm down until we are in the old folks home. And probably not then either. It will be a packed schedule of shuffleboard and bridge. At least for me, I suspect Hubs type A personality will be his down fall. Heart attack or death by exasperated heavy breathing due to my disorganization.

Stick with me folks. I will be back. I am going to try to store up posts so that I can bring them out a few times a week without stressing over the fact that I have nothing on the Trap. Everyone stop snickering...I am really going to try and do it. This may or may not happen, but I will do my best. Feel free to place your bets now. 

Related news: Taking applications for an intern who will work for experience, love and hugs. You can also live with us if you don't mind sharing a bathroom with a two year old who is potty training. Also must be willing to run a vacuum occasionally and get up with a two year old when we want to sleep in. 


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