Saturday, October 13, 2012

Gettin' my Conference On

Yesterday I went to a little meeting called Converge South. And by little meeting I mean a whole bunch of people at a day long day of sessions about blogging and social media and technology. Yikesies. I really had no idea what I was getting into, I just figured it sounded like something that would be good for me, maybe. Especially considering I write a blog professionally for a lawyer (please pick your jaw up off the floor) and do a few Facebook pages for businesses.  Surely that was a credible reason for me to go learn about manipulating the interwebs. So I paid my early bird ticket three minutes before midnight on the last day and then promptly forgot about it.

And then it was a week before the event and I was damn nervous. Like first day of high school nervous. Like everyone is going to hate me and no one is going to talk to me and I shouldn't even be there because I don't know what I am doing nervous. Lady Baby went to see my mom and dad for the night, so I didn't have to worry about her. I put on my best black pants, and by best I mean the only ones that fit, and a fancy target cardigan, and by fancy I mean old, and I headed downtown. 

I walked in to the conference and people are all clumped together gabbing about who knows what. It has been a long time since I walked into a room and saw not one face I knew. That feeling is the worst. So I walked in and sat down at the only empty table and tried not to stare at people. I also figured out a little trick. When you don't know anyone but don't want to look sad and alone, pull out your phone and look busy. I can't imagine what people did pre-smart phone to look busy and important. 

I sat through classes on Facebook and blogging for money and creating your community. I was so happy they had presenters even during lunch so I wasn't forced to stare at my phone while I was eating, looking at Pinterest while trying to look like I was working on important blog things. Forget about having to socialize. Instead munched on my turkey sandwich and soaked up knowledge. Much better than small talk.
See my name? Me so fancy.
I did meet some very nice people who wanted to know how I did things (huh? weird, right?) and actually happened upon another blogger that lives in my neighborhood who has a lurvly design blog/magazine. Check that out here: Twin Stripe. You won't be sorry. I spent an hour last night looking at her posts and thinking I should probably throw my Target sweater away and repaint my entire house. The last speaker of the day was an absolutely adorbs English chick who has a food/travel blog. She is basically local (Winston Salem) and I fell in blogger love with her. Her site is called Chow and Chatter. And she is very giggly and I respond well to giggly. I am known to be giggly too. Also, I wanted to ask her where she got her dress. She did however say Twitter really helped her build her community, and I have a hard time with Twitter. Love/Hate. I love it for a bit then I start to feel overwhelmed by it and I hate it again. I am going to try to be slow and steady. Like everything else, whenever I do the Twit I come out of the gate crazy fast and then taper off. My typical halfassery. But I am gonna try. ( I can hear your snickering from here).

So, I left with a renewed verve for the blogging and writing and brand building and a desire to never wear those black pants again because they were a little too tight. I met some lovelies and hope to be able to connect with them in the future. I enjoyed being around other people who are unsure what they are doing but have big ideas. When I go back next year I will know that I don't have to really dress up, which track to do, and to bring my phone charger. I will have a little more confidence because at some point yesterday I realized there were other people there who were using their phones to look busy and who seemed as if they were learning as the toodle along through life too. Those are my peeps. 

PS...Everyone had business cards. I don't have business cards. So I handed people a scrap of yellow legal pad with my blog written on it. Stay Classy Lint Trap...


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