Thursday, November 15, 2012

I am Thankful for...My Family

I have missed a few days of Thanks. The blame goes squarely on my sinuses who have been conspiring to kill me since late last week. But I am back, and that is what is important. T-Nice 1, Sinuses 0. 

So, back to being Thankful. Today I am thankful for having an amazing family. Not the usual suspects, Hubs and LadyBaby. Enough about them already. I am talking about Mom, Dad, Brother and Sister-in-Law. Cause they are the best. 

Let's break this thing down:

Dad: He is the person who can solve any problem, fix anything, and give the most honest answers in the world.  He will tell you straight up what he thinks. Be prepared though, he doesn't sugarcoat. Many times when I wasn't sure which road to take, he has helped me find my way. He is also really funny and we share a great love of laughing. We also share a love of the finer things in life: books, movies, coffee, and food. I get my sense of humor from him and for that I will always be grateful.

Mom: She is the great organizer. A beautiful and giving heart, she spends her entire year thinking about buying Christmas gifts. The Entire Year. If that is not thoughtful, I don't know what is. When I was little I wanted us to be the next Judds and I promised her I would never move out. While neither of those things happened, we do have a great relationship.We talk everyday. My dad insists the things we discuss are not worthy of the time we spend on them, but we know better. She is an amazing listener and sounding board.

Brother: My partner in crime. I have talked about how much having him as a brother rocks here. We come from the same place and understand each other. We also think we are really funny so we spend a lot of time laughing. Even when no one else is. Whatevs, their humor is not as advanced as ours. He can be a bit excitable, but that works in my favor because it makes me look like the calm one. Always the life of the party, he is the most charismatic person I know. I should also say a bit of thanks for breaking in the parentals before me. Definitely made my life easier to have him go first.

Sister-in-Law: She is the beautiful reason that my brother will not die a dirty old man. And for that we thank you. She is also the most perfect addition to our family--she brings calm to our storm, quiet to our very loud, and height to our gene pool. When I grow up I want to be Sarah...gorgeous hair, amazing figure and calming presence. I am afraid the ship has already sailed on all three, but a girl can dream. If not for Sarah's peaceful calm, I think my brother's head would have blown off a thousand times in the past several years.  So thank you for keeping his head and body connected.

These are my peeps. No matter where we are, when we are together that is home. I am lucky and thankful to actually like all of them too. They have given me direction when I was lost, made me laugh when I was crying, Tickled me 'til I peed, and taught me what it means to be part of something bigger than myself. For all of this and a million things more, I am thankful.


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