Sunday, November 18, 2012

I am Thankful for...The Inlaws

Today I am thankful for...Hub's family. He also comes for a plain old family of four, one girl one boy, like I do. Straight up Norman Rockwell stuff. His parents are the two most giving and generous people I have ever met. Their hearts are huge, and I am so thankful that they love us so much. Even though they are many hours away, we can count them more than a lot of people who have parents in town. They are also the two most organized and efficient people that ever walked the earth and I feel that it can only benefit me to be around that.

I am also incredibly thankful that they raised Hubs to be the ah-maze-ing guy is he is today. I can only imagine how strong willed he was as a wee little dude. (Considering Lady Baby's passion, I know a little of what they went through.) His family wore him down some before I ever got to him. One of the very first times I met his mom she grabbed my hand and said, "he is NEVER going to change." That was only slightly shocking to hear from my new boyfriend's mom while we were standing in the upstairs hall of his frat house while he showed his Dad how awesome his loft was.  I was all, "oh my god he is always going to wait until last minute to make plans and he is never going to take me anywhere nicer than Miami Subs." I didn't really understand that she meant at his very core he would always be strong willed and set in his ways and a devil's advocate. And she was right. That was the very first in a long and distinguished relationship of her giving me advice on how to deal with the strong willed husband (oh my god, book idea. no one steal that.) Had his parents not had the first 18 years of his life to get to know his quirks, there would be no one to help me navigate the waters of "I am the only one who knows anything ever on the whole earth." And that is a choppy sea people.

Hubs also has a sister who I am lucky enough to also call friend. We truly enjoy each other's company and can literally talk for hours. She has paved the way with strong willed little girls (her daughter is also one of great passion) so it is nice to have someone who has been there and done that. We genuinely enjoy spending time with her and her family and it is awesome that we have had kids close together. 

Thankful thankful thankful. Thankful for family who I was lucky enough to marry into and they let me stick around. Thankful that they don't make me feel bad for operating on a slightly different wave length (mine is a little more chaotic and unorganized). Thankful that I have these people who are very different than me but accept me into their family with all of my quirks.


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