Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I am Thankful For...My Crazy Turkey

New series for November...What I am Thankful For. I keep reading all of the posts people are doing on Facebook and they are all so beautiful and touching and lovely. So I thought maybe I should do a little something like that here. So y'all can be impressed how touching and lovely I am.

Today I am thankful for my Lady Baby. She knows that I am soft and tend toward the lazy. She makes sure that will NEVER happen while she lives and breathes. She makes sure that I am never complacent in my parenting. She pushes me in every way so that I can grow as a person. She drives my wits to the outer reaches of infinty. Right up to where I am about to fall of the cliffs of insanity. Then she yanks me back, pleased that she helped me really stretch past what I thought possible, even for the Dalai Llama or Mother Theresa. 
The turkey that never takes a rest. Ever.
"Gobble Gobble, fools."
So thank you, my Turkey, for showing me just how far I can go without needing to be physically restrained in a straight jacket and installed permanently in my own padded room. I am thankful that she reminds me daily that she is ultimately in charge of every minute of my day, including bathroom time, while I am sleeping, and while driving. I am thankful that she will not allow me to get too comfortable in my job as her mom, and will always keep me on the edge of my seat with her shenanigans and antics. My little turkey. 


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