Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012 Wrap Up. Its Done Y'all.

First and foremost, the Mayans did not come get us and we are still here. You're welcome. (If you don't know what I am talking about click here.) If you would like to show the Honey Badger your appreciation for Apocalypse avoidance we are accepting cash, checks, and money orders. Gift cards are also appreciated (we she likes Starbucks and REI).

Since we all remained on the earthly plane, we were free to celebrate the holidays. And celebrate we did. I have eaten so much junk, I am probably in need of an insulin booster shot. Yesterday, I was burping Christmas cookie. I am fairly sure that is a sign that an intervention is necessary. I told hubs last night that I felt like Jabba the Hutt after he eats a lot and is sitting around picking his teeth. 

We had a lovely holiday. We do the alternate yearly thing where we do Thanksgiving with one family and Christmas with the other. (Side note: I highly recommend this holiday visitation structure. Cuts down on stress and makes the holiday all around more enjoyable. And you are not driving all over God's creation with other Christmas Crazed families, guzzling coffee, with cookie crumbs on their shirts, and screaming kids in the back of the van.) This year was Christmas with Hub's family, so everyone came to us. We ate, we laughed, there was a fair amount of crying and temper tantrums (three kids under 5 here, people), and we opened lots of prezzies. It was an all around great time.

I only lost one gift, and spent a little time getting up close and personal with the recycling, where I was sure it was. Wrong. It was in my closet, which I looked in first, but didn't see. I am so stealthy I hide things from myself. I did however finally get a flashlight and venture into the abyss of shoes and bags to locate the lost gift and came out victorious. You're welcome, Babe. 

I only forgot four out of the eight ingredients for the "quick and easy" taco soup I was throwing together on Christmas day. Twas neither quick nor easy because I spent thirty minutes driving around town looking for somewhere to buy cream of chicken soup and corn and taco seasoning and something else I can't think of. Future FYI factoid: Walgreens is open on holidays. At least the one on the corner of Spring Garden and Market in Greensboro is. I drove past two Teeters, Whole Foods, and Food Leon before I got to Walgreens. Now I know everyone is all, "no one should have to work on Christmas, its Un-American, and against everything that is good in the world." Until you realize you need 4 of the 8 ingredients for the recipe you are preparing your in laws. Then you don't care if the devil himself hands you your change. Cause you need that corn.

Santa came and left a smorgasbord of dress up clothes and a soccer goal and ball for Lady Baby She is loving having an endless supply of cheap polyester skirts and dresses to parade around in. The number of costume changes has risen dramatically, and she has taken to sleeping in a tutu, but that's not my fight. Upon seeing her loot spread out from Santa (we don't wrap because that is the way I grew up and feel strongly about it. I love the instant gratification.) she exclaimed, "AWESOME. HOLY MOLY. HOLY SHIT." My mother in law's eyes rolled back in her head for a sec, and it was quickly determined that Hubs and I may need to watch our mouths a little more carefully. I call that a Christmas Lesson.
Ariel and Soccer Butterfly.
Notice the layering on the left. She looks like an Olsen twin.
We are now recovering from all the excitement, and going to bed late, and cookies for breakfast. I am attempting to get all back onto a normal schedule. All in all Her Highness handled the Christmas excitement with aplomb. Right before the holidays I feverishly read the first half of 1-2-3 Magic and we have started using those techniques for discipline, so maybe that helped too (more on that awesomeness later.) Needless to say, she is already looking forward to her B-day next week, and her party, and the world revolving around her completely. I am looking forward to NYE, and a great time with friends and neighbors at The Avetts, and we are all looking forward to Hubs being back in the local office a few days a week so he can drive less and see us more. 

Hope all had eventful and exciting Christmas Holidays. Hope your gifts were worthy of a "Holy Shit" and that your pants still button. 

Onward to the New Year.


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