Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Is Here...Now Go Enjoy It

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or as my father said to a nice lady holding the door for us yesterday, Happy State Appointed Public Holiday (*dies of embarrassment despite being 34*).

I hope you all have a safe and lurvly holiday. 
I hope Santa brings you everything you want.
I hope you get to spend the holiday with those that matter most and you appreciate being with them.
I hope you think of those less fortunate than you and share the joy.
I hope you don't get drunk and barf on Christmas eve when you are too young to be drinking in the first place. (That NEVER happened to me. Ever.)
I hope you respect the ways that everyone celebrates. 
I hope your children are so excited for Santa that you have to threaten them with bodily harm to get them in the bed.
I hope that your cat does not pee on your Christmas Tree skirt. (Why do they do that?)
I hope you eat so many sweets that you gain ten pounds (it will make me feel better about how much I have eaten.)
I hope you avoid the flu, because it sucks to be sick when everyone else is having a wonderful time.
I hope you take lots of pictures of everyone, because a Christmas will come when you are not all together or someone is not here at all. And you will want to remember what they looked enjoying the holiday.
I hope you thank people for the things they got you, even if you hate them more than life and are going to rush out to take them back and they made your throw up in your mouth a little. 
I hope you get to watch at least one child rip open one gift. There is really nothing quite like it.
I hope at least one of your Pinterest projects got finished and actually worked.
I hope you remember how lucky we are to live in a place that we can celebrate whatever holiday we choose.

I hope you don't get any fruit cake.


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