Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I am Alive, I Swears.

I am here, I am here. I promise. I have not joined the cat in the heavenly plain. I am simply overwhelmed with lots of exciting new work right now that is taking 99% of my brain power. The other 1% gets divided between parenting and watching TV. Priorities.Notice that no percent goes to upkeep of the Manor. Y'all don't want to even see this situation.

I will be back ASAP, once I figure out how to balance all this madness. Which will hopefully be next week.
I will be back. I swears it. On my love for one hour dramas. Which is a serious statement. Unless I drown in dust and dog hair first, in which case, it has been nice knowing you.

In related news: If you are looking for someone to help run your business blog, do a little writing, or help you run your Facebook or Twitter, I am your girl.


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