Thursday, January 3, 2013

Post Nap Scaries

You never know what you are getting when a kid wakes up from nap.

Happy child? Angry child? Weepy child? 

Lady Baby still sleeps 2 to 3 hours most days for nap. She needs this time. I need this time. Anything less than two hours I call a failed nap.

However, upon waking my delicate flower is often less than pleasant. She is normally downright horrific. Sometimes when I go in to get her up she is smiley and happy and chatty. Then something happens between that and the obligatory just-woke-up tinkle that flips her little switch. Today it was that I helped her pull her mermaid dress and tutu up to get on the potty. How dare I be helpful. RUDE. There was screaming. Crying. Gnashing of teeth. I am pretty sure she was cursing me. It was ridiculous  But there is no reasoning with her. The bad humor tends to wear off between 30 minutes and an hour of waking. Right up to the very second the switch flips back to normal, she is a powder keg waiting to explode angry child all over me.

It sucks, but not enough for me to push dropping the nap. I will take hell-child for an hour after nap over hell-child for two hours before bed any. day. Besides, it is not like I am not used to being verbally berated by a toddler. 

Dont' be fooled. That is a time bomb right there folks.


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