Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Advice to My Younger Self

Today is my b-day (pause to let the cheering and applause die down). I am thirty four. Which, I should point out, is almost thirty five. Which is only five years from forty, ohmagawd. It has been a lovely day and I have been showered with the things people know I love: coffee, sweets, and attention. 

Young me. Darth Vadar hair, snappy outfit. My third year was a magical time.

As I reflect back on my 34 years on the earfs, there were some rough times. I wish I could go back and give a few little pieces of advice to myself. Not a lot, because I am big believer in your life experiences and choices make you who you are today. But just little gems here and there to make the road a little less rough for young T. 

Age 5: No one will ever break into your house and steal your precious blanket Boppy, or your stuffed Ewok. I promise, they are safe. There is no need to worry about whether or not your parents will offer a reward.

Age 8: It is unnecessary to pack your red Going to Grandma's Suitcase and your plastic picnic basket all full of crap and leave them by your window in case of fire. Your house will not catch on fire even once in your young life. You can relax and stop thinking about how you will throw your bags out the window and hold the cat while you crawl out at the same time. 

Age 11: I promise that perm will grow out and your mom is going to let you get contacts in just a few years. 
Rugby shirts were cool, son. The rest of the look, not so much.

Age 13: Everyone in middle school hates themselves. You are not alone. 

Age 15: It is okay that you have never had a boyfriend even though all your friends do. You are not fat. You are not ugly. I promise someday the cutest boy you have ever met will take you on a date to Miami Subs, and your life will change forever. 

Age 18: Your senior year is really not the best year of your life, even though it feels like nothing could ever be better. There is SO much better stuff coming your way. Don't worry so much about leaving home and everything changing. Change is good.

Age 22: Stop worrying so much about what your boyfriend is doing. He is not worrying about what you are doing. Think more about having fun and less about making yourself available to him. It doesn't matter that he won't lavaliere you. That same fool will give you a much better piece of jewelry in a church in front of 300 people in a few years.

Age 30: I know you hate not having friends and feel alone. In just a few years you are going to meet some of the best friends you ever had. Also, it feels like you are never going to get pregnant, but I promise very soon all that will change. So yeah, go ahead and sleep a lot now.

Wouldn't it be great if we could really go back and help ourselves out a little? Maybe avoid a little heartache or worry a little less about things that turn out just fine? I suppose then life would be boring and therapists everywhere would be out of business. Wonder what I am doing wrong right this minute that future me is going to be like, "duh get over it." Guess I will know someday. 

Happy Birthday Me. May the next thirty four years (erg, that will make me 68!) be as exciting as the first thirty four have been.


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