Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Guess We are a Wee Bit Alike

Do you ever look at your child and say, "yup, that one is totally mine?" I don't feel like that often. I don't look at her and see that she looks much like me. She has more sass and is more daring in her flagrant rebuff of authority. She is her own person with her own ideas. But then something happens, and I realize she is a little more mini-me than I realize...

She just came to me and said, "where is the thing with all the buttons and it goes beeeeepppp beep beep, you know with the money? (as she is doing the hand gestures like she is pulling a double at the Teeter)." And because I speak Honey badger, I was all, "it's called a cash register, and it is in your play kitchen." But the miming and describing? I do that at least once a day. I think I have approximately 3 mini strokes a day. I bet an MRI of my brain looks like a fourth of july fireworks show.

Her Highness flails. A lot. She flails herself out of her chair at dinner. Walking down the hall. Off the couch. When playing with something she'll flail and somehow manage to throw it across the room. I too am a flailer. I trip, I run into things, I get hurt a lot in seemingly innocuous situations.   Or flail while going to sit in a chair and fall. I run into a wall more often than I would ever like to admit. I often am gesturing and I slam my hand on the table. I have kissed many a little hand that has been banged on the table. It is a rough and tumble life we live.

Lady Baby and I get the snuffs. That is when you have been crying really hard and then when the sobbing winds down there is a lot of gasping and snorting and inability to control ones emotions so the crying can spring back to life at any second. Just rub us on the back and remind us to take deep breathes. Avert your eyes because the snuffs are not pretty. Lots of red faced snorting and snotting.

We are a gesticulating people. There is hand flapping and clapping and what looks like the YMCA song just to ask you what time it is. Our story telling is intense, and the more excited we are the more our hands flutter and jab and wave. And in addition to talking like old Italian Grannies we are also highly excitable  Tough combo for anyone in a five foot radius. Watch yourself if you wander into one of our passionate speeches about what we ate for dinner or who got sent to time out at school. You could lose an eye.

I never really think Her Highness and I look alike. The other day when I was looking at old pictures I saw this. And I did a quadruple take. My delicate flower makes this face at me. A lot. And I hate it. It is 100% attitude and is usually followed by a loud and guttural  "NNEEVVVVEEEERRR." Turns out she does get a smidge of her angry passion from her mama. Who knew. I was blaming all that 'tude on Hubs. To anyone who has witnessed her going El Diablo and I blamed Baby Daddy, my bad. (Sorry honey.)

I may have a little Honey Badger in me too.


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