Sunday, March 31, 2013

In Defense of the Smart Phone Moms

Hi there, let me just...pull
Okay. Hang on while I climb up. Now hold my hand cause mama is scared of heights. Thanks.

Okay, listen up. I have to say something. 

I am SO tired of hearing/reading about people dogging out mothers on their smart phones. There are a variety of reasons, of which I will get into in a second. But the first and most important reason is hey, guess what? It is none of your business.  

My office. 
A lot of mothers, me included, work from home. That means, as a freelancer, I attempt to almost always be available so I don't miss out on something important. Small price to pay for getting to be at home with Lady Baby. So I check my email a lot, I look at Facebook a lot, and I text a lot. Sure some of it is for fun. But a lot is for work as well. I think it is okay for me to miss one trip down the slide to send an email about a job or to return a quick text about a problem. Back up off me people. I have a lot of balls in the air here. I don't have the luxury of leaving my phone/job at home when we go somewhere. So yes, I can be seen on it quite often. And I don't care what you think. Cause we gotta eat.

Most moms who stay at home are with their kids A LOT. And by a lot I mean most of every day. That is a lot of "hey mom" and "watch this" and "guess what." I don't begrudge any mom that takes her kids somewhere for them to have fun and then she dares takes a few minutes, or even many minutes, and plays on her phone. Sometimes we need a break. And guess what? She has her kids doing something. And assuming they are safe, why shouldn't she get a break? Seriously. You judgers, do you answer every question, and spend every second playing with your kids, and never ever look away for any reason? Doubtful. Would you be happier if the mom on the smart phone were looking at a book, or a magazine, or talking with her friend and not looking at her kids? Do your kids sit and watch TV while you do other things? Are you beating yourself up about that? I am not. Nor do I feel bad that I checked my email the other day during a play date.

We are all doing are best. For many, our phones provide a much needed avenue back into the world of grown ups. Our kids will survive us not watching their every move when they are having a great time playing with their friends or picking flowers or pushing a mini shopping cart around. It may even do them good to understand that they are not entitled to our undivided attention every second of their lives. Oh the horror for them to know there are other things beside their little faces the we enjoy looking upon. 

Seriously. Quit bashing each other, moms. We are all doing our best. And if that is taking a break at the park and playing a little Words with Friends or texting with our BF while breast feeding or reading Twitter during a dance class, then Back. Off. We need it. More importantly, we deserve it.


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