Thursday, March 28, 2013

Potty Post Update

I feel like to grasp the full reality of us sharing our bathroom three ways, I wanted to share a pic of the bathroom. (Please notice the lack of linen closet. There is instead a little shelf situation with a shutter for a door that is in the wall for q-tips and advil and the like. Don't get me started on the closets. Three. In the whole house. Yeah. Three. But look at the trim work. LOOK AT IT.)
Raise your hand if you were picturing a bathroom that was a little bigger. Like one that would fit a full size sink. The one in here is for a small boat. I can hear your gasps from here. 

I realized I didn't mention how fun it is when we have overnight house guests. At one point my dad said, "Invite me back when you get another bathroom." Yup, it's really that fun. When Lady Baby is sitting on her mini potty she pulls it out and puts it in front of the bathtub. And then whoever else is in there gets to step over her. And bodder her. Relentlessly. So. Fun

Tomorrow is the beginning of spring break. Cause preschoolers need spring break. I am going to hide in my tiny bathroom and cry.


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