Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Break is Neither Spring nor a Break. Discuss.

Remember when Spring Break used to be made up of bad decisions and regret? Well, guess what, still is!!! 

In the old days I would have lamented partaking in a bit much tequila and dancing on a table. This year's spring break I am regretting this little last minute purchase at the Harris Teeter. 

The terribleness of the singing  rivals the
horribleness of the children's ensembles.
I don't know who should be beaten first: wardrobe or casting.

I am sure it is going to bite me in arse many times over. Our first viewing lead me to desire a bottle of tequila to smash over my head.

Happy Spring break...the best part is it is almost over!!! Five fun filled days of entertaining a child who is accustomed to a classroom filled with friends and stimulating activities. Neither of which we have here. Thank goodness for the sweet mother's helper who came to play with her or it would have been a train wreck with a three year old as the conductor and me strapped to the tracks.

Did I mention that it sleeted today? Special.


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