Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Absence Explained with Good News.

It has been so long I may have forgotten how to write. So bear with me. This may be tedious and hard to read. I may have forgotten how to punctuate, and how to write precise and meaningful sentences. Who I am kidding. I have never been great at that.

I feel that it is only fair that I explain my absence. I have had questions, comments and hints. People wondering what is going on. Lots of excitement at the Manor. Read on, party people.

For the last two years we have been working hard and spending a lot of money with one goal. To ensure that the honey badger is not an only child. Cause let's face it. She would be THE WORST only child ever. And of course because we want another baby to share our love and home with, blah blah blah. I took drugs, had numerous IUI's, more drugs, more IUI's, even stronger drugs and it was crickets. Nothing except one very dejected non-pregnant person. Finally after 8 IUI's I hit an emotional wall and decided I was done. Time to take the baby making to the next level. And take it to the next level we did. We are talking IVF. The type of thing where we could have 11 babies and spend 1 million dollars. Scary. 11 Honey badgers. Someone hold me. And loan me a million dollars.

Well, after a long process that included a crap ton of anger and bloatation inducing hormones, a lot of doctors visits, a very successful fertilization of ten of my eggs in a super romantic petri dish (I am sure they have Lionel Richie on a loop), and a transfer of two eggs back into me, then 3 tedious weeks of blood work, we had a wonderful ultrasound full of good news. I thought it was an awesome day because we had our ultrasound and saw a heartbeat. Hubs thought it was an awesome day because we saw ONE healthy baby with ONE heartbeat. Apparently he wasn't feeling having to buy a minivan. 

Here are we are at 13 weeks tomorrow and Hubs finally lifted my internet gag order. I hope this is exciting enough to make up for my silence. I like to write about what is happening in my life. If it makes y'all feel any better, it was killing me!

SO. We are moving onward and upward with a bun in the oven (three in the freezer) and a smile on our faces. Those two years of agony are behind us. So happy to finally share it with some of my favorite peeps. Prepare yourself for lots of funny stories. I promise they are coming. This weekend I caught Lady Baby with her tankini hitched up telling another little girl in the baby pool that she had a baby in her tummy, did she want to feel it. So, yeah, this next 6 months will be entertaining.


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