Friday, July 19, 2013

They May Love me To Death.

We found out this week that we are having a little boy. Exciting, right? Especially when at our first ultrasound the tech said it was probably a girl. So we were just sitting there, waiting for confirmation on "the hamburger bun" when she started laughing and showed us "the turtle." Shock would be an understatement. More like absolute and utter disbelief. Hubs still says he may not 100% believe it until he is holding the newest Mr. We always thought we would have girls. Apparently we were very wrong.

Once we made our big announcement, people started saying things to me like, "awwww boys are the best. They really love their mommy." And, "I love having a boy because he is so sweet and he loves me like no other." Apparently little boys are really loving with their mommies. Which I am finding very scary. 

Don't get me wrong, I know I am going to love this baby and he is going to love me. What I am scared of is that he is going to love me with the vehemence and passion that his big sister does. Because I may be smothered to death by children if that is the case. My girl is a Mama's Girl. If she could get back in the womb with just her head hanging out, she totally would. When we watch TV, she prefers to lay on me. She holds my hand a lot. She wants me to carry her everywhere. When there is an issue, a booboo, or she is in need of ANYTHING, she wants me. She loves her Daddy because he is the fun one. But I am the go to for all things that require calming/snuggling/petting. And sometimes, it is a little much. 
The kangaroo is totally my child's spirit animal. That Joey is living her dream.
I read once they often have one in the womb and one in the pouch.
Cause who wouldn't want to hop around with two on board? I feel your pain, mama.
I have never been a "come on and sleep in our bed" kind of mom because the child touches me all day long every day. I need space, even if it is the 6-10 hours I am sleeping. I need to breathe and have some room. Otherwise, she would sleep pressed up against me, her arms wrapped around me, and occasionally actually laying on top of me. It is intense. On the rare occasion we do sleep together I often wake up to find we are holding hands. Sometimes I feel like she is going to love the skin right off my body. And then wear it as suit. 

I am a touchy-feely loving kind of person. I love the snuggles and I hope all my babies love to be cuddle like Lady Baby does. But if this little dude comes out and is half as mama-loving as Toodles, I may have to wear pants and a turtleneck. Just to save my skin from the road rash my children's love will no doubt give me. Every once in a while mama needs a wee bit of space.


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