Friday, August 23, 2013

The Paci Fairy Takes More Than Pacis

A few weeks ago the Paci Fairy came to our house. If you are here a lot, you know I was living in fear of this moment. Utter, total, paralyzing, fear. I waited until now to write about it because I wanted to make sure things were all settled down and I could have a little perspective. Here is my take-away from out little adventure in growing up...

Lady B proved me wrong yet again, while reinforcing what I have learned about her. (Confusing, right?) I was so worried about this situation. I worried about her being sad. About her screaming and crying. About her begging me for the paci. I worried about this being an epic of struggle of us against the paci. Instead, girlfriend was totally on board. She gathered up her paci's herself and voluntarily hung them in a bag for the fairy. She asked for her plastic phone that night just in case the Fairy wanted to text her. She was ecstaticwith the LeapPad that the Fairy left her. (Is that a ridiculous gift? Absolutely. Do I care? Not one bit. It was totally worth it.)  And after having a paci every day since she was born, we had about 7 seconds of crying one night. What? Not at all what I was mentally preparing for. 

This all goes to show me what I already knew. Big transitions with Her Highness are easy because the moment by moment living is hard. All of her big milestones have been relatively painless. Switching from bottle to cup, potty training, moving into the big girl bed...we have no crazy horror stories, nothing more than normal growing pains. However, every minute of every day is a struggle for who is in charge of our house--her or us. I guess she is so busy being passionate about things like which skirt to wear and how many band aids she should have, she doesn't have time to worry about the big stuff.

Not to worry. Don't hate me just yet. The Paci Fairy didn't only take the pacifiers. She also took naps and a piece of my sanity. Nothing is truly painless, my friends. We are three weeks in, and I can officially say that naps are jacked up. Gone are the days of her laying down and going to sleep and staying asleep for 2 hours. I now spend anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours listening to her playing in her room (also know as ultimate destruction), calling out to me, and begging me for wake up time. Occasionally she will still fall asleep early. More often, she waits until I am about to go in and release her from nap prison to fall asleep. Because she has worn herself out putting on lotion she isn't supposed to have and changing her clothes 12 times and making piles of stuffed animals. And then I have to take my life into my own hands and wake her up, because by that time it is too lateg to let her sleep. But I refuse to give in. I have to do work while she has rest time. Not to mention I need to have a break from the insanity. And put my pregnant feet up. What I have learned from this little situ is that when a child goes from taking naps one day to stopping the next, it makes her a little, urm, unhinged. There is more crying, more drama, more fighting. And it sucks.
Passed out at 4:45 after an extremely impressive nap-battle that included
yelling, screaming, crying, and refusal to take off her too-small shoes.
The Fairy also stole a good night's sleep. Gone are the days of sleeping through the night. Gone is the ability to walk Her Highness to the potty then tuck her back in and creep back out. Now she has no way to soothe herself back to sleep. She wants her back rubbed. Several times a night. How do you teach a kid to put herself back to sleep? I have no idea. All I know is we recently went on an adults only long weekend, and I felt amazing every day after a full night's sleep. Now I know what I am missing. Which is almost worse. And in a few months there will be an infant here too that wants attention all night long. What do I do? Do I go hard core and let her cry? Do I wean her off middle of the night back rubs slowly? Do I make her Dad go in there and then listen to her scream for mama? Do I go stay at a hotel for a week and let Hubs deal with it? I personally vote for the last one. 

I am up for suggestions on how to manage this situation. I am so happy/relieved/thankful that the Paci Fairy was a non-event. What I don't know about is how to sleep train a previously awesome sleeper. We all need to sleep all night. We need to have rest times that don't involve destruction and crying. We need some sanity in a big way. 


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