Wednesday, September 25, 2013

This Post Brought to You by Science.

I have talked a wee bit about the fact that we did IVF to get pregnant with He who is currently incubating. I am very upfront about our dance with the fertility gods. It was a long and arduous process and I love to talk to anyone and everyone about it. I have even been know to bring it up to people I have just met. Seriously. I told another mom within 5 minutes of our meeting. Overshare? Possibly. But I like to see it as a way to say, "I am totally cool with my jacked reproduction system and I welcome the chance to challenge the taboo of discussing infertility." Toe-may-toe/Toe-mah-toe. 

On Tuesday morning I got a text from my bestie that they were having an IVF segment on the Today Show right then. (She texts me when there is something on I may want to see because she knows I am so not watching anything remotely like news, and because she is awesome. You would be wise to get you a BFF like that, people.) We turned off Mickey and turned on Today, and there they were, doing the first live IVF egg retrieval ever in the history of baby making. Thank you times a million, Jenn. Not since I saw Look Who's Talking have I been so educated on the science of baby making. It was amazeballs to watch, since of course I was sawing logs during my own egg retrieval. And then, right there, they shot the sperm into the egg. Conception on national television. Yay Science! On Friday they will do this girl's transfer of eggs back into the uterus...I am assuming they will show what they can of that too. 

Ah-maze-ing. I love that they are doing this. The world needs to see this side of IVF. What actually happens. Hear this couple's story. Understand what they are scared about and what they are excited about and how hopeful they are. Grasp the gravity of the decision to try IVF, mostly because of the cost aspect. Not to mention the fear of it not working. These are all things we struggled with. And these are all things I like to share with other people. 

It pains me to hear of women who have struggled with infertility and not had anyone to talk to about it. So I am going to take the next few posts to discuss different aspects of what we have gone through. Some happy, some sad, some educational (or at least my attempt at education) , and all very personal. I believe in being transparent. I believe in sharing anything I can about my own story to help other people with their journey. I believe in the idea that if we can create a community that allows us to talk about our infertility, it will help us, our spouses, and future generations of daughters who may struggle.

Feel free to ask me a question publicly or privately. I will do my best to answer it. Please share this with anyone you know that is traveling a similar path. It is amazing how cathartic it is to know you are not alone. 

This post brought to you by Science. (and my need to Overshare.)


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