Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Infertility by the Numbers

I have been pregnant five times. The first two were ectopic. The third was LadyB. The fourth was ectopic. The fifth is Little Dude, who is set to make his debut in 9ish weeks. 

I have had two surgeries. The first removed the first ectopic. The second removed the second ectopic and my right fallopian tube.

I have taken approximately 7,034 home pregnancy tests (please note that is just a guess. It could be 7,032.)

I have had two chemical pregnancies that I don't even count in my total. That means positive tests that end up negative a few days later. The doctor thinks they were fertilized eggs that never made it down the gauntlet that is my remaining (probably partially obstructed/damaged) tube. 

I have spent the last six years trying to get pregnant, being pregnant, or recovering from being pregnant while planning when to start trying again.

I have had eight IUI's.

I have had one IVF.
One Million dollars worth of IVF meds.

I have been on 2 oral medications. 
I have been on 2 injectable drugs.
I have taken supplements, used patches, given myself trigger shots, and used suppositories.

We have spent tens of thousands of dollars.

I have been exhausted. I have cried countless tears. I have asked a million questions. I revised "the plan" to get pregnant more times than I can count. 

I never once gave up hope that we would eventually have at least one more child. And here we are. And it feels so great to finally be a success story.


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