Me and Mine

I am a wife, a mom, a friend, a writer, a cat and dog wrangler, a sister, a sister-in-law, a procrastinator, and a comedianne (in my own mind at least). In my spare time I file a little insurance, do a little marketing work, and write blogs for other companies (I never sleep).

These are my musings on life, motherhood, the state of affairs of the world and the way I think it should be.

Wife to Anthony, aka Hubs. He's in charge of keeping me from becoming a hoarder, homeless, and making sure I remember to invoice my clients. We have been together for-ev-ah and married for-ev-ah minus five years.  For a little bit about us read this and that. He's the love of my life and the we spend the majority of our time laughing. And bickering. But mostly laughing.

Mother to Alice, aka Lady Baby, aka Honey Badger, aka Her Highness, aka Her Magesty, aka Toodles, aka whatever else I come up. Prone to public displays of personality featuring but not limited to screaming, flailing and extra loud wailing. Very cute, very smart, and very very very talkative. She keeps us laughing and crying. Most of what I write about is Lady Baby. Her antics, her shenanigans, her ability to make me insane. That type of thing.

I read a lot, I write when I can. I like long walks on the beach, but I like laying on the beach even better. I like to watch TV and movies. I believe the invention of the DVR is quite possibly the best thing that has happened since indoor plumbing. I love sitting on the porch with friends, drinking coffee or wine depending on the time of day. I love sleeping. I hate cleaning, confrontation, and mean people. And I really hate when people park in handicapped spaces when they don't need to.  

I talk a lot. I try really hard to be a good listener, but often fail. I have amazing face and name recall but can't remember where I put my key/sunglasses/phone 99% of the time. I am notoriously unorganized, but I like to think my bubbly personality makes up for it. It probably doesn't to a lot of people. But a girl can try. I am accomplished at half-assery and have great ideas. My follow through leaves a little something to be desired. Honestly, I can't believe I still have this blog.

Check me out on Facebook to keep up with all the latest Lint Trap news. Follow me on the Twitter for 140 letter shots of all this goodness. It will help tide you over in between posts. And I will totally follow you back. Cause I am a giver.

I thank you for reading my blog. I appreciate every person who comes here to laugh with me. I dig comments, they make me feel like y'all get me. If you enjoy my blather, please share! 


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